To maximise efficiency and the reliability of your crimping or hose cutting machine, ensure that the following crimping maintenance tips are undertaken regularly.

Always store your crimping machine in the full open position.
To prolong life of the master dies springs, store the crimping machine in the full open position when not in use. The master dies have spring-activated open positions. When the crimp head closes, the dies springs will compress…and when crimp head opens, the die springs will extend. Because leaving the springs into compressed state will eventually relax the metal, and springs lose some of their strength. So the next time you shut the machine down for the day, or head home for the weekend, remember to cycle the machine to the full open position before shutting it down.

Frequent greasing intervals will extend the life of your investment.
The crimp heads in Finn-Power machine generate hundreds of tons of crimping force. This force works the gliding surfaces. To minimize the friction and eliminate “metal to metal” connection between sliding surfaces, proper lubrication is required to assure maximum life for your machine. In continuous operation, lubrication by adding new grease every 4-8 hours of operation will
prevent premature wear to the machine. The purpose of frequent greasing is to ensure there is always enough grease between the gliding surfaces. Due to the surface
pressure, the grease sinks into the metal pores ensuring good sliding properties for the life of the machine. When greasing the machine, it is also important to remove the old grease from the machine in order to eliminate build up.

Hydraulic oil needs to be changed and filtered.
The Lillbacka factory recommends that the hydraulic oil be changed after the first 500 hours of operation, and then every 1000 hours thereafter. The new hydraulic oil (ISO viscosity grade 46 recommended) should be filtered through a 20 micron filter or finer to remove excess impurities and minimize build up of debris in the hydraulic system. The oil filter should be changed at the same time to assure optimum performance of the machine.