Concerns arise over the safety, durability and quality of counterfeits

There are currently several manufacturers selling counterfeit products, labeled as Finn-Power, on worldwide e-commerce websites. Manufacturers sometimes copy virtually the entire machine, including model numbers, documentation and even the user interfaces. The machines are sometimes sold using original Finn-power images.

The most significant concern regarding counterfeits is their safety. Another tangible disadvantage is the fact that there are practically no service or spare parts available, leading to shortened machine lifespans and even costly production halts.

“There are quite a few disadvantages, but our main concern is the safety of people operating these machines. Another great concern of ours is that people might purchase counterfeit machines in the hopes of receiving an original Finn-Power machine and then actually receive something completely different, therefore not achieving the level of quality required in their operations. With the copies that we see online, the Finn-Power brand is used as a marketing tactic and a synonym for quality” Timo Taipalus, Chief Technology Officer at Finn-power

Original Finn-Power: unmatched repeatability and quality

Taipalus points out a few steps to identifying an original Finn-Power product:

“Original Finn-Power products can only be purchased from us and our distributors. The place of purchase is therefore the first thing to pay attention to. An original Finn-Power product is always equipped with the required, official machine identification labels. Another tell-tale sign is the machine’s appearance: the level of finish is something that quickly indicates a counterfeit. Lastly, it becomes evident in the end product. It is likely that no counterfeit will reach the level of repeatability and quality of an original Finn-Power.”

In addition to the machine’s safety, lifespan and quality, Taipalus emphasizes the added value that the service Lillbacka provides throughout the machine’s entire life cycle brings to the customer.

“Our know how, our quality and our service together are a combination that simply cannot be copied. Looking at this in a positive light, we are proud to have achieved a position where manufacturers around the world see us as an example and something to strive for.”