Finn-Power Skiving FS50

Finn-Power Skiving FS50

  • Easily adjustable with one screw
  • Additional waste bin
  • Separate tool rack
  • Sided bladeholder



Hose size up to 2

Finn Power FS50 hose skiver dual symmetrical skiving blade will balance the cut by cutting simultaneously from two sides of the hose.

Skiving diameter adjustment for the cutting blades is made with simple motion from one knob to move both blades simultaneously, in for smaller diameter and out for larger diameter.

The blade holder has marked scale for easy diameter adjustment. No tools or guess work are needed to set the skiving diameter.

Skiving of hydraulic hoses (external and internal) from dimensions 3/16” to 2”.

Controlled by a foot pedal.


Technical Data

Description FS50
Hose capacity, external inch 3/16”– 2”
Hose capacity, internal inch 1/2”–2”
Speed of tool rotation r/min 100
weight approx. 34 kg.
Electric motor kW 0,75 kW


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