Most Finn-Power crimpers are available with two types of controls:

• MS Control
• UC Control



MS Control

MS models are well suited for single-piece production (e.g. repair shops). The MS control is the most basic and easy to use control offered by Finn-Power.

The crimping diameter is set by using a 10-turn vernier dial. Each turn is equivalent to crimping diameter changes of 1 mm. The dial is incremented in whole, tenths and hundredths mm settings.


MS control device


10-turn vernier dial of MS control

UC Control

The Finn-Power UC control is the most advanced crimping control in the world.

The UC control is a modern user interface based on icons, a selector and clear, visual indication of all crimping parameters. Basic functions are quick and easy to use. The UC contols is capable of online quality monitoring.


Data Storage

  • For crimping parameters and die sets
  • USB availability
  • Microsoft-compatible file format


  • Ascending/descending piece counting


  • Pressure crimping
  • Multi-step crimping
  • Online quality monitoring


  • USB
  • Ethernet (FTP)

Energy saving mode

  • Stand-by function

Standard features and extensions 

Standard features

  • Diameter crimping, diameter retraction, correction, delay
  • USB-connection
  • Manual / automatic mode
  • Tool Change Wizard
  • Data Storage
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Ascending / decending counters
  • Die position displayed
  • User levels
  • Energy saving mode
  • Units: mm or inch
  • Brightness and contrast control
  • Extension possibilities


UC1, Pressure crimping

  • Ideal when parts with large tolerances or sensitive materials need to be crimbed
  • Measuring from pressure
  • Can also be used with crimping by diameter

UC2, Multi-Step Crimping

  • Ideal when part has to be crimped into several different diameter
  • Step crimping by diameter
  • Step crimping by pressure

UC3, Online Quality Monitoring

  • Online quality control: automatic / manual corrections
  • Out of limit-functions: locking / alarm
  • Data collection
  • Data transfer: USB / FTP


  • FTP – connection to network
  • Bar code scanner
  • Mod bus


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