Finn-Power CM91

  • Electrical control with autospeed function
  • Blade feed rate is adjusted according to required cutting force



Hose size up to 3

The CM75PH hose cutting machine has been designed to cut up all types of hoses up to 2” diameter 6-wire hoses.

The 520 mm diameter blade operates at 3000 rpm. The hose is pushed against the blade by a pneumatic cylinder. Piston movement speed can be quickly and easily adjusted to choose optimal cutting speed for each type of hose.

Technical Data

Description CM91
Hose Capacity, 6 wire (inch) 3
Motor (kW) 11
Voltage (V) 230/400
Speed of blade, 50 Hz (rpm) 2900
Speed of blade, 60 Hz (rpm) 2480
Blade diameter (mm) 650
Length (mm) 1399
Height (mm) 701
Width (mm) 1614
Weight (kg) 300

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